Post-Doctoral Researchers

Name Career Placement
Qiliang (Richard) Xu, Ph.D. Apple
Igor Paprotny, Ph.D. University of Illinois, Chicago
Yiping Zhu, Ph.D. East China Normal University

Doctoral Researchers

Name Graduation Research Topic Career Placement
Richard Winslow Ph.D. 2014 Optimization of 3D-Printed, Flexible, Rechargeable, Zinc-based Batteries via a Novel Gel Polymer Ionic Liquid Electrolyte  Apple
Chris Sherman Ph.D. 2014 Studies in MEMS current sensors
Jason Trager Ph.D. 2014 Energy Management for Demand Response Persistent Efficiency
Andrew Waterbury Ph.D. 2011 Vibration Harvesting using Electromagnetic Transduction Intuitive Surgical
Alic Chen Ph.D. 2011 Thermal Energy Harvesting with Thermoelectrics for Self-powered Sensors: With Applications to Implantable Medical Devices, Body Sensor Networks and Aging in Place The Foundry – CITRIS
Lindsay Miller Ph.D. 2012 Micro-scale piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting: from fixed-frequency to adaptable-frequency devices Alphabet Energy
Jayme Keist Ph.D. 2013 In-situ Analysis of Zinc Electro-deposition within an Ionic Liquid Electrolyte
{Co-Advised with Professor Evans in MSE}
Pennsylvania State University
Zuoqian (Joe) Wang Ph.D. 2013 Flexographic Printing for Large Scale Zinc-Based Battery Fabrication Apple
Peter Minor Ph.D. 2013 Impact Durability of Thermal Barrier Coatings
{Co-Advised with Professor Zohdi in ME}
The Foundry – CITRIS
Deepa Madan Ph.D. 2013 Dispenser-Printed Composite Thermoelectric Thick Films for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Wireless Sensor Network Used in Structural Health Monitoring Applications  John Hopkins University
Qiliang (Richard) Xu Ph.D. 2014 Sensors for Smart Grid applications Apple
Padraic Shafer Ph.D. 2010 Polarity in Piezoelectric and related Systems
{Co-Advised with Professor Ramesh in MSE}
 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Christine Ho Ph.D. 2010 Design and Fabrication of Capacitance Storage
{Co-Advised with Professor Evans in MSE}
Imprint Energy
E. Leland Ph.D. 2010 Self-tuning Piezoelectric Devices for Sensing Currents Voltaiq
M. Koplow Ph.D. 2009 Thermoelectric Energy Scavenging  Patent Law
Eric Carleton Ph.D. May 2008 Thin film Piezoelectric materials for Sensors and Energy Scavenging  Start-Up Company
Joel Wilson Ph.D. December 2007 Safety, Rescue, and Emergency Response in a Post 9/11 World  Exponent
B. Reilly Ph.D. May 2007 Improving the Fatigue Life and Material Properties of Piezoelectric Materials used in Energy Scavenging Devices  Exponent
Nathan Ota Ph.D. May 2007 Design and Manufacture of Sensor Based Building Systems for Energy Monitoring  Trilliant Energy
D. Steingart Ph.D. December 2006 Design and Fabrication of MEMS based Power Storage Sources for MicroIntegrated Systems
{Co-Advised with Professor Evans in Materials Science}
Princeton University
D. Odell Ph.D. 2004 Design and Implementation of Bi-Manual Computer Aided Design Interfaces Google X
M. Montero Ph.D. 2004 Management and Analysis of Design Constraints for Electronic-Mechanical Product Manufacturing  Eversight Labs</td>
S. Roundy Ph.D. 2003 Micro-Electrostatic Vibration-to-Electricity Converters  University of Utah
R, D’Souza Ph.D. 2003 Process Planning Algorithms for 2.5D Machining  University of Wisconsin
R. Hillaire Ph.D. 2001 Open Architecture Machining Systems for Sensor Based Manufacture  Sandia National Laboratory
G. Sun Ph.D. 2001 FreeForm Surface Machining  Cadence Design
V. Sundararajan Ph.D. 2001 Feature Recognition for a Networked Manufacturing Service  UC Riverside
C.S. Smith Ph.D. 2000 A Manufacturing Advisory Service
J.A. Stori Ph.D. 1998 Process Planning for Machining  SFM Technology
F.F-C. Wang Ph.D. 1997 Domain Unified ECAD/MCAD Systems  Autodesk
S.M. Schofield Ph.D. 1995 Open Architecture Controllers for Advanced Machine Tools.
S.E. Sarma Ph.D. 1995 A Method for Integrating CAD and CAM in Machining.  MIT
C.C. Hayes Ph.D. 1989 Automated Planning, co-supervised with S.DeSa.  University of Minnesota
M. Goldstein Ph.D. 1989 An Expert System for Machine Tool Diagnosis and Machining Analysis.
P. Englert Ph.D. 1988 Automated Fixturing for Machine Tools.  Alcatel-Lucent
R. Sturgess Ph.D. 1986 On Dexterity.  Virginia Tech
A. Thangaraj Ph.D. 1985 Computer-Assisted Monitoring of Drill Wear and Prediction of Drill Failure  Sandia National Laboratory
M.R. Cutkosky Ph.D. 1985 Grasping and Fine Manipulation for Automated Manufacturing.  Stanford
D.W. Yen Ph.D. 1984 A New Approach and a Remote Temperature Sensing Technique for Adaptive Control Machining.
J.G. Chow Ph.D. 1984 Sensor Development for On-Line Monitoring and the Determination of Temperature Distributions in Machining.
C.Y. Lu Ph.D. 1984 Finite Element Modeling of Large-Strain Elasto-Plastic Deformation Processes with Tool Interface Friction.
A. Bagchi Ph.D. 1983 Photoelastic Stress Analysis of Machining Using Transparent Sapphire Cutting Tools.

Masters Researchers

Name Graduation Research Topic Career Placement
D. Cincione MS 2015 Integration of Printed Energy Devices for Wireless Condition Monitoring Apple
A. Pullin MS 2010 Energy Auditing for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
W. Watts MS 2007 MultiZonal Control of Buildings GE
A. VanPelt MS 2006 Design of Low-cost Telecommunications Tower and Antenna Alignment Mechanisms
A. Do MS 2005 Rapid Tooling Methods for Mold Making
E. Lai Yang MS 2005 Semi-active RFID devices Driven by Vibration Energy Harvesters Sandia National Labs
J. Baker MS 2005 Design of Energy Harvesting Devices
D. Hooks MS 2004 Wireless Networking for Residential Demand Response Systems
L. Lim MS 2003 Skin Contact Sensors for Fire Rescue Operators
R. Romero MS 2003 New Sensor Networks for more Effective Fire Rescue
P. Kumesaran MS 2003 Automated Manufacture of Injection Molds for Rapid Prototyping
D. Misra MS 2003 Algorithms for Freeform Surface Machining
R. Lee MS 2002 in Dec. Thermal Analysis, Design and Prototyping of the Berkeley Emulation Engine for Ultra Wide Band Radio Development
D. Kubischta MS 2002 Mechanical Design Flow for Rapid Product Realization
K. Castelino MS 2002 Automated and Efficient Pocket Machining Minimizing Air Time
J. Eggert MS 2001 A Study of Structural Behavior in Osteoporotic Trabecular Bone: Comparison between Finite Element Analysis and Experiments with Fused Deposition Models.
S.M. Lopez MS 2001 The Role of Rapid Prototyping in the Product Development Process: A Case Study on the Ergonomic Factors of Handheld Video Games.
B. Kannan MS 2001 Fixture Algorithms for 2.5D Machining
A. Mohole MS 2001 WebCAD: A CAD tool constrained with explicit ‘Design for Manufacturability’ rules for CNC Milling
{Jointly supervised with Professor Sequin from Computer Science}
J. Kim MS 2000 WebCAD 2000: Web-accessible CAD Tool for Machining
{Jointly supervised with Professor Sequin from Computer Science}
J. Brock MS 2000 Injection molding Snap Fit Designs
S. Gomez MS 2000 Mechanics of Vacuum Chucks
J. Plancarte MS 1999 Industrial Design to Rapid Mold Making for Accelerated TIme-to-Market of Consumer Electronic Products
L. Marchetti MS 1998 A PC-based Open Architecture Controller: Design Implementation and Operation
R. Inouye MS 1998 Design Rules for Web-based Manufacturing
S. Brown MS 1997 A Multimedia Manufacturing Analysis Service
K. Chan MS 1996 Computer Oriented Manufacturing Process Apparatus Selection.
M. Mueller MS 1996 Improving Precision Machining through Probing and Simulation.
J.A. Stori MS 1995 Machining Operation Planning.
M. MacKenzie MS 1995 Positive Gripping of Sub-Millimeter Electronic Components.
X. Xu MS 1994 Design of Long-Life Drill Bit.
S. Sood MS 1993 A Planning Expert System for Machining.
P. Bedard M.Sc. 1992 Software Architecture for Intelligent Manufacturing.
Z. Qun M.Sc. 1991 Real-Time Operating Systems.
F.B. Hazen ME 1988 Stability and Design of Robotic Fixtures.
J.Jourdain ME 1987 Dexterous Hands for Manufacturing.
A. Wilt ME 1986 Sensor Based Robotic Manipulation.
H. Kulluk ME 1985 On-line Tool Temperature Measurement.
M. Goldstein ME 1985 Inspection Using Vision in Manufacturing Cells.
P. Englert ME 1984 Economic Assessment of Sensor Based Robots.
D. Ringeride ME 1984 Architectural Design for the Automated Factory.
E. Kurokawa ME 1983 Programmable Clamp Designs for Flexible Manufacturing Cells.
P.S. Fussell ME 1982 A Design for a Controller as a Component of a Robotic Manufacturing System.
R.M. Milligan ME 1982 Fault Detection in a Manufacturing Cell.
C.H. Ng ME 1979 Friction Welding of Similar Metals.
M.P. Subramaniam ME 1979 Cold Pressure Welding.
D.M. Dodd ME 1979 Deformation Mechanics in Cold Rolling.
K.F. Sullivan ME 1978 Machining Austenitic Steel.
M.G. Kirkham ME 1978 Friction Welding: Machine Design and Thermal Aspects.
K.H. Goh ME 1978 Mechanical Wear Processes.

Undergraduate Researchers

Name Career Placement
Karthik Gururangan Northwestern University
Isabel Yang Apple
Hiva Esmaeli Apple
Ba Quan Tesla
Rafael Send Codeshelf
Michael Seidel
Andrew Redfern Sentilla
Michael Klein
Rei-Cheng Juang, Ph.D.
Alan Harbottle
Augusto G. Gonzalez
Fredrick Doering
Wai Wah Chan
Martin Cacan

Visiting Scholars

Name Career Placement
Anna Railanmaa Tampere University of Technology
Marco Salvioli Mariani Volata Cycles
Chun-Hsing Wu, Ph.D. Senior Researcher
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Rei-Cheng Juang, Ph.D.