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Flextech project overview

A short video introduction of the research Advanced Manufacturing for Energy is doing in flexible printed batteries for the Flextech alliance.

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AME at PowerMEMS conference Japan

IMG_0378 copy

AME was well represented at the 2014 PowerMEMS conference in Awaji, Japan. A total of 5 contributions were presented, almost half of the 12 total submissions from the U.S. A list of publications with links is below. We met with

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Printed Thermoelectric Generators


The aim of this work is to design a printed thermoelectric generator to scavenge waste heat off of virtually any hot surface. Previous studies conducted in this lab produced novel techniques for printing both the p-type and n-type materials that,

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Granular Radio EnErgy-sensing Node (GREEN)


This device implements a mesh network. Conceivable applications include distributed environmental sensing, household monitoring and any other space where many small sensor nodes are required. The current use case being explored is circuit-breaker panel monitoring using GMR magnetic sensors to measure

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Cooling High-Power LEDs With Piezoelectric Fans


Research project in conjunction with Siemens AG. The project’s goal is to cool a high-powered LED, simulated with resistive heaters attached to an aluminum block, from 100 ºC down to the 50-60 ºC range. Siemens requested that the solution be

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Sensor Instrumentation to Improve Safety in U.S. Underground Coal Mines

Coal mine safety sensor system to prevent dust explosions

Coal mining is recognized as a dangerous undertaking. Explosions of gases that may exist underground (e.g. methane) and of fine coal dust mixed with air are well-known hazards, in addition to which are unexpected structural collapses. This project is aimed

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Self-Adaptive Energy Harvesting

Self-tuning resonant energy harvesting experimental set-up

Vibrational energy harvesting seeks to transform the energy in mechanical vibrations to useful electrical power to operate small electrical devices. Most vibrational harvesters rely upon the resonance of a structure excited by input vibrations to develop the large deformations necessary

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Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Node for Monitoring of Overhead Power Lines

A prototype of a self-powered wireless sensor node for monitoring of overhead power lines.

The idea of using sensors to measure everything enables us to seamlessly interact with our surroundings. Ubiquitously distributed sensor nodes [e.g. SmartDust, SWARM] is becoming a significant part of our digital life in this post personal computing era. However, unlike

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Automated installation of grid-scale photovoltaic modules

Going forward the balance of system cost for grid-scale photovoltaics (PV) is projected to be an increasing fraction of the total cost for PV that dominates the manufacturing cost of a panel.

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Battery-Replacement Scale Energy Harvesting From HVAC Flows


Create an energy scavenging device that produces over 100 µW of power in air flows of 2-5 m/s. These operating conditions are characteristic of HVAC systems, and the power output would be sufficient to run a low-power wireless sensor node

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Demand Response


Knowledge is power when it comes to saving electricity. Wireless Sensing of Circuit-Breaker Currents is a simple way to keep tabs on consumption, and take advantage of lower electricity prices when demand-response incentives kick in.

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Printed Zn/MnO2 Batteries with an Ionic Liquid-based Gel Polymer Electrolyte


Advancements in manufacturing have allowed electronics to move from the rigid circuit board to flexible substrates. Novel inks are being made to print sensors and even energy harvesters. To support these devices and the systems they are a part of,

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Distributed Intelligent Automated Demand Response


Distributed Intelligent Automated Demand Response (DIADR) is a proposed system to achieve aggregated control of building resources in order to lower power grid stress during times of peak electrical load.

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Vibration Energy Harvesting


Machine Monitoring – Fully autonomous condition monitoring wireless sensor nodes powered by vibration energy harvesting. Monitoring valuable equipment eliminates unanticipated failures while enabling maintenance to be scheduled only when it is necessary. Thus, equipment utilization improves, and cascading events are

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Underground Power Distribution Monitoring


Sensor-Based Cables for Underground Reliability of Electricity Infrastructures (SECURE) takes aim at a fundamental problem: utilities rely on miles of aging underground cables to distribute electricity, with no cost-effective way of telling which are in danger of failing.

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Electric Power Sensing for Demand Response


Upcoming Smart Grid initiative necessitates the distribution of thousands of sensors to monitor the operation of the future U.S. power grid. Our group is developing small and inexpensive self-powered sensor modules that can be non-intrusively deployed (simply attached to equipment)

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Dispenser Printed Thermoelectric Energy Generators


Thermoelectric energy generators are attractive as potential energy harvesters for converting waste thermal energy into electrical power. Optimized thermoelectric device designs require large density arrays of high aspect ratio elements currently unachievable with common manufacturing technologies.

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Printed Supercapacitors with an Ionic Liquid-based Gel Polymer Electrolyte

Stencil Printed Electrode

Supercapacitors are used in high power applications where the low current limitation of batteries is inadequate to meet the need of an electronic device. Either used in tandem with a battery to provide short bursts of high current, or as

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