Christine Gregg

GreggHeadshotChristine Gregg
Graduate Researcher
Advisor: Prof. Paul K. Wright

5101 Etcheverry Hall
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720


I joined the team at UC Berkeley in fall 2013 as a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I mostly live in 2111 Etcheverry, though work in lab space in 2115. I received my BME in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. There I worked at the Center for Composite Materials performing research on composite health monitoring and integration of nanomaterials into composites. During multiple internship experiences at the NASA Ames Aeromechanics Branch, I worked on acoustic analysis of rotocraft wind tunnel data, as well as helping to developing test plans for full-scale flight research on the UH-60.In addition to academic pursuits, I am regularly involved with STEM outreach to children in the community.

My masters research focused on self-adaptive energy harvesting (see project link below).

My current doctoral research focuses on the fracture mechanics of digital lattice materials for aerospace applications in collaboration with researchers at NASA Ames Coded Structures Lab with the support of the NASA Space Technologies Research Fellowship.

I also worked on the dynamics of shoelaces unraveling with Professor Oliver O’Reilly and graduate student Christopher Daily-Diamond.

Research Interests

Digital lattice materials, fracture mechanics, cellular materials, energy harvesting, vibration analysis and testing, acoustics, rotorcraft flight research


Self-Adaptive Energy Harvesting


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