Christopher Sherman

Christopher Sherman, PhD 2013
Advisor: Paul Wright, Richard White

Proximity-Based Current Sensors for Smart Grid Applications

Christopher Sherman recently graduated with a Phd from the University of California Berkeley. He is now an engineering consultant. His work focused on focused on model refinement and design optimization for next iteration of MEMS current sensors. Test work has been done using meso-scale devices to validate a lumped parameter model for non-resonant rectangular beams, showing good agreement (R2=0.9991) between the model and experimental data. The model is presently being extended to account for non-constant (trapezoidal) beam shapes, after which point an improved design will be generated for micro-fabrication. Differential sensing has also been shown to function for meso-scale sensors placed suitably close (within 45mm from center of a 25mm diameter wire) to an AC current carrying conductor.




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