Jason Trager

Jason Trager, PhD 2014
Advisor: Paul Wright
Email: jst314@berkeley.edu

Sensor-Based Feedback for a Socio-Technical Energy Efficiency Protocol

I have developed and deployed an Android OS-based Rapid Auditing Protocol (RAP) to quickly and effectively document the plug loads distributed throughout Sutardja Dai Hall (SDH) on the Berkeley campus.
This system has been used to document upwards of eighty five percent of the plug loads in SDH and in one commercial building downtown, allowing sensors to be quickly linked to devices by scanning a bar code index on each. Live sensor data from wireless plug load meters can be streamed, allowing occupants to visualize their power usage and put into place effective measures to reduce and/or curtail it. My next step will be to produce automated algorithms that will predict and schedule plug loads based on probabilistic models built with data gathered from wireless sensors in SDH and will enable users to have an automated method of reducing their power use in an easily understandable fashion.


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