As a Multi-discipline, and multi-department lab group, our researchers are spread out over the north east side of the University of California, Berkeley campus.

The exciting thing about being at Berkeley, and “wearing several hats” is that new projects are tumbling out of the blue all the time. On top of that the Advanced Manufacturing for Energy (AME) students and staff have a “can do” positive energy. Plus we have a terrific lab funded by Ford Motor Co. with great equipment, computers, rapid prototyping machines, a CNC milling machine, and a small injection press.

Our Location on Campus

AME is affiliated with many other departments and laboratories including:

  • UC – Berkeley (University of California – Berkeley)
  • MOT (Management of Technology Program)
  • ME (Mechanical Engineering)
  • BWRC (Berkeley Wireless Research Center)
  • COE (Berkeley College of Engineering)
  • CET (Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology)
  • CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society)
  • CEDR (Center for Environmental Design Research)