Payton Goodrich


Payton Goodrich
Graduate Researcher
Advisor: Prof. Paul K. Wright

4th Floor, Sutardja Dai Hall
UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
Berkeley, CA 94720
E-mail: paytongoodrich_at_berkeley_dot_edu



Payton is a M.S./Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering graduate student. His current work focuses on printed thermoelectric materials for next generation energy harvesting devices. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in December of 2015. Payton is originally from Minnetonka, MN.

Research Interests

Printed thermoelectric generators, printed sensors, internet of things.

AME Projects

Printed thermoelectric generators

Dynamic thermoelectric generators


J.M. Lackore, N. Hashemi, F. Sharifi, P.J. Goodrich, M.L. Winchell, and N. Hashemi, “A Paper-Based Microbial Fuel Cell Operating under Continuous Flow Condition”, Technology, 4, 98-103 (2016).

 P.J. Goodrich, F. Sharifi, and N. Hashemi, “Rapid Prototyping of Microchannels with Surface Patterns for Fabrication of Polymer Fibers”, RSC Advances, 5, 71203-71209 (2015).

J. Yang, S. Ghobadian, P.J. Goodrich, R. Montazami, and N. Hashemi, “Miniaturized Biological and Electrochemical Fuel Cells: Challenges and Applications”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 14147-14161 (2013).

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