Printed Zn/MnO2 Batteries with an Ionic Liquid-based Gel Polymer Electrolyte

Advancements in manufacturing have allowed electronics to move from the rigid circuit board to flexible substrates. Novel inks are being made to print sensors and even energy harvesters. To support these devices and the systems they are a part of, new forms of rechargeable, long-term energy storage must be produced that can be manufactured inline with these printed technologies. Several types of printed batteries have been researched and successfully fabricated, yet a white space still exists to provide a full understanding of the printed interfaces and the interaction of those materials.

elyte-gelZinc based batteries offer the highest power density of rechargeable battery systems that are available commercially with power densities approaching 600 mW/g. The overall goals of this project are to:

  • Increase the cyclability of zinc based batteries
  • Improve consistency of cell performance (e.g. discharge capacity)
  • Quantify the effects of and improve the interfacial morphology of each printed layer
  • Increase the shelf life
  • Simplify the packaging requirements

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