Zach Gima

Zach Gima
Graduate Researcher
Advisor: Prof. Paul K. Wright, Prof. Scott J. Moura

4th Floor, Sutardja Dai Hall
UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
Berkeley, CA 94720
E-mail: ztakeo_at_berkeley_dot_edu


Zach is a M.S./Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering graduate student. His current work with Prof. Moura in eCal focuses on electrochemical model-based control and estimation techniques for Li-ion batteries. His M.S. work in the AME group focused on printed thermoelectric materials for next generation energy harvesting devices (1). He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California in May 2014. Zach is originally from St. Louis, MO.

Research Interests

Battery modeling and control systems; battery materials

AME Projects

Printed thermoelectric generators


(1)         Gima, Z T, Gururangan, K, Evans, J, Wright, P K, 2016 Annular screen printed thermoelectric generators for ultra-low-power sensor applications  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 773, (PowerMEMS 2016 (Dec 6-9), Paris, FR), pp. 012115.

(2)         Young S. Park, Xiaorui Zhao, Pawel Dworzanski, Zachary T. Gima, Richard B. Vilim. “Interactive Simulation and Visualization of In-Reactor and Under-Sodium Viewing Operations,” Nuclear Technology, Volume 191, Number 3, Pages 223-233, September 2015

(3)         Marc Frincu, Zachary T. Gima. “A Bottom-up Approach to Sustained Curtailment and Comfort for Controlled Demand Response,” IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability, 2014

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