Zuoqian (Joe) Wang

Zuoqian Wang, PhD 2013
Advisors: Paul Wright, James Evans
Email: zqwang@me.berkeley.edu

Flexographic Printing for Large Scale Zinc-Based Battery Fabrication

Flexographic printing techniques provide a cost effective, environmental friendly manufacturing method for large-scale energy storage fabrication. What I am working on towards my Ph.D. degree is to study the development of functional flexographic inks for zinc-based solid-state battery fabrication. Detailed studies include how the fluidic properties of the developed ink, such as the viscosity and wetting properties, influence the printability; how the dispersing quality of the ink material influences the uniformity of the printed feature; and how the printing process parameters, such as the printing speed, drying temperature and anilox roller size influence the precision and repeatability of the final printing products. More importantly, I am working to find the relation between the printed feature physical quality and the final battery electrochemical performance. This study aims to ultimately establish criteria and methods for developing functional flexographic inks for energy storage fabrication.

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